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The Royal Bengal Tiger

You are in a boat in the bank of Sundarban. You have heard. fo a vicious tiger that can climb trees and swim in lakes. You also think it is not true. But then you hear the bushes rustling. You turn around an see nothing so you keep paddling. Then you hear water spashing. You finally get worried. Then ROAR the tiger almost scratches you face. It goes back in the water. The Royal Bengal Tiger almost strikes again.

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“A tiger does not ignore or slight any small animal. The way he catches a mouse and catches and devours a cow are the same." Shunryu Suzuki

This quote you should not take anything as small. For example if this tiger had not have caught the mouse, it would not have eaten if a few more days.

Baby Bengal Tiger

Do you know that baby bengal tigers are born blind then start developing their sight. They only have their vision after 6 weeks which is not that long. Then the baby will start climbing trees and swimming. The baby plays with fellow tigers by wreseling. 5 years later they become an adult.

Adult Tiger

When the tiger grows up, it starts to hunt by itself. If the tiger can’t find food, it can kill another tiger. When the tiger kills, it will first pull you too the ground then kill you, because it is easier for the tiger to kill it’s prey. When it comes to food, no bengal tiger is picky eater. But tigers only hunt and live in its own territory . Tigers will have their territory mostly in th grasslands, and forests. A bengal tigers home is in shade because they like to take naps after they eat too.

Fun Facts

Fun Fact! Do you know that a bengal tiger is the biggest cat on earth? They weigh 500 pounds (277 kg) and are around 3 feet tall (not standing up).

Fun fact! Do you know the royal bengal tiger’s scientific name is Panthera Tigris Tigris?

Fun fact! Do you know that bengal tigers are solitary animals? But they still mate.They usually circle each other and vocilize for 5-6 days.

Fun fact! Do you know that bengal tigers are named royal bengal tigers because they are really strong and they can kill almost all animal they come across.

Fun fact! do you know that bengal tigers hunt at dusk and dawn?



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