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Day 6 of my vacation!

Today was mostly driving. We drove from Washington DC to New York. This journey was 5 hours. We had 2 stops. One of them for lunch. We started at 11 a.m. Once we reached the hotel, we went to Times Square. It was a little too crowded and it was very dirty. I still enjoyed it because I got a Starbucks pink drink. Actually, I got a mango tea and I felt a little sick eating that. My dad liked it so I gave the tea to him, and he got me Starbucks. He gave his coffee to my friend Vijji. We took a small glance of fifth avenue and left for hotel. My dad went to the grocery store to buy some food while me and my friend Vijji went to the gym. Since I am a level 1 gymnast, I like to exercise in the gym or at my class two times a week. I did that with Vijji who is an adult. After that I came back to the room. There are the picture.

The first 3 pictures were things I saw on my long car trip to New York.

This is my stuffed animal. I got her from a CVS in California, were I live. Her name is Bluey.

This is the candy I had in the car. I bought the nerd rope and grape and strawberry nerds today.

This is Vijji.

Vijji was eating chips and I was eating my nerd rope.

This is Times Square. The drink Vijji is holding used to be my dad’s coffee. That became her drink. The drink my dad is holding is the mango tea with boba and the drink I am holding is the pink drink.

This is how crowded it was at Times Square.

This is our drinks.

This is me and Vijji going to the gym.

I was doing pull- ups at the gym.

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