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Should the US go metric?

One of the most popular debates is “Should the US go metric?” What do you think? The US should go metric because first the metric system is easier, second is it will cause less accidents, and third most people understand the metric system.

My first reason is that the metric system is easier. Kids wouldn't have to learn 2 different systems. Also metric conventions are much easier than customary conversions. Metric conversions are easier because metric conversions are based on powers of 10. In the customary system boiling temperature is 212 degrees fahrenheit and freezing temperature is 32 degrees fahrenheit. But in celsius the boiling temperature is 100 degrees celsius and the freezing point is 0 degrees celsius. 

My second reason is that there will be less accidents, especially medical ones. Anyone can get confused with the 2 systems. One nurse got confused and got medicine for him but, it was dosed for someone 2 times his weight! Also there was a plane that crashed midway through the flight because they got confused with metric and customary systems.

My third reason is that people from other places can understand you better. For example, I have a friend who is from the UK and she can’t understand the customary system. You might go somewhere and your friend might say, do you want to go on a walk for 2 kilometers. You might think 2 kilometers is 2 miles but 2 kilometers is actually 1.243 miles. 

So I hope we can change the US into the metric system together. Like I have listed, there are many reasons why we should move to the metric system. With some time and money we can do it.

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