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What animals do you think of at Christmas time? I think of reindeer, polar bears and penguins.  They are the most common Christmas animal. Also reindeer are very important for Santa too.  This time of year, we will talk about many of these animals. First you will read about the animal that represents christmas. The reindeer!

When you think of reindeer, you probably think of Santa’s sleigh. But sadly, they can’t fly but they can swim. Since reindeer have hollow hair, it helps them float on water. Reindeer have a lot more abilities than just swimming. For example they can jump 25 vertical feet. WOW! They also protect themself with their very strong antlers. Reindeer do shed their antlers, thankfully it does not hurt. Reindeer also can travel very far. Reindeer can also see things that humans can’t.

Reindeer babies are called calves. One calf is 13 to 17 pounds (6- 8 kilograms). They eat herbs, ferns and grass. Usually reindeer have one calve.

Reindeer are not colour blind but the arctic reindeer can see a little weirdly.  Reindeer are said to bring good luck. Especially the white reindeer. The white reindeer is the rarest type of reindeer.  

 A lot of things prey on reindeer. Like brown bears, polar bears, golden eagles, grey wolves and lynx. Like I said before, reindeer defend themself with their antlers. They als stay in herds. If many reindeer stay together they can defeat the predator together and faster.

Fun fact: Do you know that female reindeer also have antlers!


So this is the Christmas special. A lot more of these Christmas animals will be popping up on my blog! These blogs will stay year round. You can send me any questions.


Calves: A baby reindeer

Antlers: Branched horns on a deer or reindeer head.

Predators: A species who preys on another


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