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Day 5 of vacation!

Today was very rainy. We went to the capital building and the White House. We stopped by a Starbucks and another place which I don‘t know the name of. My friend had hot chocolate and I had a passion fruit refresher because there was no other drink available. The refresher was good. The hot chocolate was good. It was very cold all through the day. Then we went to a restaurant to meet one of my dad’s old friend and his family. Here are the pictures.

This is my friend. You can call her Vijji. She helps me with my blogs sometimes. She is an animal lover, just like me. She became a vegetarian because of her love of animals. She engages in charity work often. She enjoys dancing and cooking just like me. She also loves watching gymnastics like me. She says, “I love gymnastics and i love it more after watching bf performing them.” By the way, bf is my nickname.

This is a gold version of the Magna Carta.

My dad’s not actually not touching the chair!

This is a small model of Washington DC.

I love snakes and I named this snake Snakey.

This is all of us posing with Snakey

Me posing in near The capital building.

My dad posing in front of the near the capital building.

This is the capital building.

This was my passion fruit and pineapple drink from Starbucks.

This is how rainy it was.

In the backround there is the White House and we are posing in front of it.

This is me and my friend.

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