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Sport hunting

Do you like hunting? Well, I think sport hunting should be illegal because some hunts lead to extinction, some hunts lead to suffering of animals, and that the dogs that are forced to hunt are treated poorly.

One reason is that all types of hunting lead to extinction. The bengal tiger, dodo bird, wooly mammoths, and manatees were almost extinct. Wooly mammoths and dodo birds are already extinct. Now, there are less people who hunt than before, but the people who do it for a hobby can make lots of animals extinct. People even hunt native species. This is called a canned hunt. Canned hunting is actually a really big business. People hunt these native species to hang on their wall. I think this is a unnecessary reason for hunting. Hunting for food is a ok reason to hunt, but if you want to hang it on you wall, not necessary.

Another reason is that it causes suffering. One deer suffered 15 minutes before dying. Sadly, that deer was shot 2 times or more! That must have hurt right? I remember when I was a kid I was on a walk. I saw a runover squirrel. I hugged my mom and said, “Let’s take him to the vet”. My mom said that he was dead and we moved on. I have always hated to see animals suffering. That is why I hate illegal and not illegal hunting. The dogs people use for hunting also suffer. Dogs love cuddles and love from others but hunting dogs help hunt other animals and they are refused many shots and medicines like heartworm. If heartworm is not treated it can shorten a dogs life. Heartworm is a worm that lives in a pet’s lung and heart. It causes many deaths of pets because it can have a lot of damage in the pets heart and their lungs.

My last reason is that hunting can lead to damage of property, hurt you, and hurt other animals. When anyone is hunting with a gun, can accidentally hit a cow that was nearby instead of the animal they were trying to hunt. Also while hunting you can get hurt in many ways. You could slip and fall. You could get killed by another animal. You could even kill other people. You can get broken bones, heart attacks and cracked heads. Around 100 people die from hunting every year.

After hearing this do you think you will make hunting a hobby? I don’t think I will. I also love animals so I hope you do not hunt them. Like I said in this essay many times, hunting hurts animals, places, and humans! Animal rarely disturb us, like have you every seen a tiger in a city? We are just killing them.

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