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Springtime blooming

Who found the rain VERY ANNOYING? Well once I started rechering, I found out that rain can lead to good things! Picture this, you are in a field one day and you see all the flowers are unhealthy and not thriving. Then 1 month later you go to that same field and you see all the flowers blooming and thriving. But how? Well, because of 2023 record breaking rain, all the flowers are THRIVING and there is no more drought. I am Tanishi Roy and I will be talking about the amazing bloom of flowers in California in 2023!

At Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve a lot of poppies started blooming because of the rain. It all STARTED on April 14 2023. Like us, plants need water for many things. Since it started raining a lot it led to healthy plants. We all need water to survive, including plants. Plants need water for photosynthesis to take place. Photosynthesis is when plants use water, energy, and carbon dioxide to create oxygen and glucose . Water also is used to carry the nutrients to the rest of the plant. The nutrients are in the soil and the water makes the nutrients flow up and get through the plant. This process gives us oxygen.

How many of you think about the flower before actually picking it? Well, you should because plants give us the oxygen we need to breathe or else we will die. Thank you for listening!

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