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Why is art important?

I think that art is very important because it is impossible to survive without art, it gives you a sense of belonging, and it trains your brain. Maybe some people will disagree with me. But I have a whole paragraph for that!

My first reason is that it is impossible to survive without art. If there was no art we would not have many things, such as movies or cool folders. Almost every day we all do something artistic. Do you love a picture book or a poster in you house or school? Well that would not be there without art. The whole world would almost be black and white without art and everything would be just plain. If there is no art nobody could survive.

My next reason is that people do art for a sense of belonging. A sense of belonging is very important because you will be even more happy. Even though some people get frustrated with making it perfect, it helps you to be calm. Some people tries to escape reality by doing art,you can! You can get your mind off everything with art. That is very important because it helps your metal health. With art, you can show your feelings on a paper or canvas. When I was seven, I remember that I had so many tests the next day. But I could not understand a topic. I told my dad that I want to take a brake. So I went to the other room and I doodled. I started doodling about the concept. After 15 minutes of doodling, I got the answer!

My last reason is that it trains your brain to help you socialize with more people. Connecting with people is very important because it helps you make friends. Friends are very important and they help you keep company and someone you can just talk to anytime they are with you. Have you ever had a friend come over to your house when you are bored? It also helps you see artistic beauty. Artistic beauty is important because it helps you see beauty in everything.

Some people say that art can cause anxiety and it’s not good for you. That can be true if you are accepting constructive criticism the wrong way or if you want to make it perfect so much you are getting yourself stressed. Also some people say it is a risk of wasting paint. I do not think that if you are doing art, you are wasting paint. Art is creative and when you do something creative, it is not a waste of paint. Some people get bored while doing art. If you have fun with art and not just scribble on you paper, try something that challenges you or something you know how to do. Do you sometimes hate your paintings? Well, you tried your best. If you tried your best maybe next time you will try harder if you want your painting to be amazing.

Now for some quotes. The first quote is from Albert Einstein. He said, “Art and science are branches in the same tree”. That means that art is as important as science. The next one is from Vincent Vango, “ I dream of my painting then I paint my dream. My last quote is from Leonardo Da Vinci, “Art is never finished, only abandoned.

Now after hearing my evidence, will you do art more happily? After hearing all the counter arguments, I still support art. Do you?

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