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Womens Gymnastics

Gymnastics is one of my favorite sports. It needs strength, flexibility, and fitness. Well, what is gymnastics? Well, today I will tell you all about it!

Gymnastics is for both mens and womens. They both have different events and they both need fitness and strength. They both have similar and different events. Girls have trampoline, uneven bars, volt, trampoline, beam, and floor. Boys have, bar, parallel bars, volt, pommel horse, trampoline, rings, and floor. Beam is an event that requires a lot of balance because you have to do tricks on a 10.6 centimeter wide beam. On the floor you have to tumble which is doing a specific order of tricks all together. Uneven Bars is a swinging event. You hold a low bar then get on the top of the bar and do some tricks on it. This requires a lot of hand strength because you can’t touch the ground and you just hang on the bar. Trampoline is where you flip in a big box if you get out of that box, you lose points. Last, but not least, for women gymnastics is my favorite event.. VOLT! Volt is when you run towards a platform with a springboard. You reach a small springboard and jump on it and use the platform to get in the air and flip. You land on the side of the platform. Also, on beam, and bars you need to have a cool dismount. On bars, once you get to the high bar, you have to swing hard and you flip off that bar. On a beam you have to tumble all the way to a side of the beam and get off with a flip. A dismount is when you finish your routine on bars and beam. You can’t just jump off. You have to do a dismount to get off the bar and beam. I only really know about women's gymnastics so I can’t talk about men’s gymnastics.

Have you ever seen a gymnast? If you do see them, you will know that an ordinary person can’t do the skills that they do. They put time, work, and perseverance into this sport. They dedicate most of their life to this sport. Simoine Biles skipped high school and college for gymnastics. Gymnastics will come with a lot of challenges but they work through them. You can get rips when you have a blister and the skin on the top comes off. These rips are very painful and can bleed heavily. Another challenge is getting injured. Gymnastic injuries can last a long time and even give you disabilities. Not all injuries are that bad. You can get a sprain which can heal in like a week, but that is a long time not to train so it can make you forget skills that you have mastered. Skills that you are still training on, can be forgotten! You have to work hard for gymnastics. For example, when Laurie Hernandez had a massive injury while doing volt, she worked hard to get back. Laurie Hernandez fell on volt and tore her patella ligament, and a dislocated kneecap. Even though she had to get surgery and had to go to physical therapy, she worked hard and with support from her family, she got back on track. Now, she is an Olympic gymnast with a gold and silver medal.

There are some basic requirements/ rules in gymnastics. For example, there is a box drawn on the floor. If you cross that while you are tumbling, you will lose points. Or, if you do a banned move your score may be reduced to 0 or even get you disqualified. Some banned moves are, the dead loop, back to back tumbling, the korbut flip, and the thomas salto. There are many more but these are some of them.

Gymnastics has many competitions like world nationals ect. But how do the judges score the gymnasts? Well, all the judges think of a score from 1-10 depending on what they can improve in their routine and what they did well. 1 is the worst and 10 is the best. 10 is actually the hardest score to get. There are 9 judges and the combined score is the final.

How do you make yourself a good gymnast? Well, if you want to be a good gymnast, you have to be strong, and flexible. For that you have to stretch your whole body 10- 15 minutes a day. You need to find the time to do this if you want to be a good gymnast because this makes you flexible and gives you a fit body for gymnastics. You should also eat a healthy diet with a lot of protein. You should eat protein if you want to build muscles. A healthy diet will make you strong and fit. You should also work hard on skills you are struggling on and perfect the skills you know how to do. On top of stretching you should go to practice. This will make you strong and fit.

Gymnastics is a very popular sport. The best gymnast in the world is Simoine Biles. She started gymnastics at a very young age and on her first day, could do things no other gymnast could do, like a press handstand. Simoine Biles, has won 25 world championship medals and 19 are gold. She has also been to the Olympics 8 times and she got 4 gold medals, 3 bronze and 1 silver medal. She is also planning to compete at the 2024 Olympics. She has not given a thought about retiring from gymnastics yet. She has gone through many injuries. Some are worse than others. She has competed with a shattered toe in the Olympics, she had to have the bottom of her shin bone called the tibia removed because she has torn it multiple times, she has broken a rib. But she pushed through all of them and now is the best gymnast.

Gymnastics is a fun sport and it helps with many things. It teaches you determination, improves flexibility, gives you balance, and makes you very strong. All of this is very important in many ways. Flexibility can make you fit. Determination will help you never doubt yourself and being strong will help you also be fit.

Overall gymnastics is a really fun sport. I think I will be a really good gymnast when I grow up and my dream is to go to the Olympics.

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